Call for papers and posters

Our symposium encourages the following types of submissions:

Research papers:
Research papers in three preferred topics:

  • 1)    Laozi on Sustainability;
  • 2)    archaeological, historical, philosophical, and religious contexts of Dao De Jing;
  • 3)   textual analysis and hermeneutics of chapters 4-9 and the possibilities of their alternative translation.

Poster sessions:
Participants of the poster sessions will be provided with a bulletin board to place their research on. Poster sessions will last approximately 60 minutes.

Submission Guidelines

1. Submission may be made via e-mail to info@svatojanskakolej.cz, faxed or mailed.
E-mail submissions are highly preferred.
Submissions will be acknowledged within 2(-7) days. If submissions are mailed, submit two copies of your paper.

Address: St. John College
New Questions on the Old Master 2011
Svaty Jan pod Skalou 1
266 01 p.o. Beroun

Phone: +420 311 672461
Fax:   +420 311 671308
E-mail: info@svatojanskakolej.cz


2. Each submission should include a) name(s) of the author(s), b) title of the submission, c) about 3(-5) keywords that describe the submission, d) mailing address(es), e) e-mail addresses.
Correspondence regarding receipt of the submission will be made by e-mail unless otherwise requested.

Centrum ekologického výzkumu a výchovy ve Svatém Janu pod Skalou
Svatý Jan pod Skalou 2
266 01 pošta Beroun
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